Your October Journal has a new look!

27 September 2022

Your Journal has a new look! What better place to showcase exciting changes at your union. We hope you enjoy reading the latest edition of the AEU Journal for 2022 which has now been published.

The October 2022 edition is now available for reading online. Clicking on the centre of the image on the left will open a full-screen reader.

The print edition is also on its way to sites and members.

This edition's cover highlights a few key updates including the Fix the Crisis campaign, TAFE key commitments from the Federal Labor Government and look how much we’ve gained, weighing up the cost of industrial action plus more! 

Also in this edition:

PLUS you'll find BRAIN BREAKS on page 21.
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If you are unable to view the Journal through the link, you can download a PDF version here. Previous editions of the Journal are available here.