AEU SA Journal | VOL 54 | #2 | OCTOBER 2022

Values are the foundation

Leah York, AEU Branch Secretary, looks at the union values that underpin our future campaign plans, and our property redevelopment.

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The AEU’s 2020-2022 Strategic Plan, developed from the basis of our Strategic Framework as endorsed by Branch Council, is being reviewed. As we move forward with new state and federal governments, an approved Enterprise Agreement for TAFE educational staff, and negotiations commencing later this year for a new Enterprise Agreement for school and preschool staff, we must ensure our future plan maximises our professional strength and promotes AEU values. 

Of equal importance, these include:

To make us stronger we need your involvement to further develop our strategic planning, shape our policies, determine our Committee work, prioritise our work, and to grow our Union.

Please consider:

  • Nominating for an AEU Committee. Committees cover a variety of interests and sectors – Reconciliation, Women, Contract & TRT, Special Education, Leaders, SSO, LGBTI, Early Childhood, Environmental Sustainability, Aboriginal Education, Finance and Health & Safety.
  • Attending Area meetings to ensure your site’s experiences are shared.
  • Sending your Sub-branch’s position on AEU matters to Branch Executive.
  • Participating in AEU training, learning and networking opportunities.
  • Sharing the benefits of AEU membership with your friends and colleagues.
  • Promoting opportunities for incorporating AEU values into your site.
  • Asking your colleagues if they are an AEU member; if they’re not, ask them to join. 

Update on property redevelopment

Following the endorsement of Branch Council for further investigation of redevelopment opportunities for the AEU office at 163 Greenhill Road, property development advisers and consultants have been undertaking preparatory work in town planning, civil and structural matters, and design and architecture. 

An important part of their brief was Aboriginal engagement. As a key deliverable required by Branch Council, the Aboriginal engagement process takes the following principles from our Reconciliation Action Plan which will be critical to the success of any development:
Including Aboriginal members in the decision-making processes of the AEU;

  • Working positively with Aboriginal Communities;
  • Creating an environment within the Union that values and celebrates Aboriginal culture and history; and
  • Providing information and education for all AEU members about Aboriginal culture and history, and Reconciliation.

In practice, this has and will continue to involve consulting with local traditional owners, the Kaurna people, in key stages of the project.

The consultation includes a Kaurna custodian conducting an audit of the site and reporting on findings of history, landmarks and significant sites in the area, and coordinating workshops with traditional owners to discuss the report and develop a pathway forward for the best integration of the findings into any future project. This work is in progress.

It may result in Kaurna custodians delivering workshops that connect traditional knowledge into a western system in a way that doesn’t erase the Kaurna footprints that were embedded on the site 65,000 years ago.
An update will be provided at November Branch Council meeting.