AEU SA Journal | VOL 54 | #2 | OCTOBER 2022

Securing employment for members

Permanency levels are too low and too many AEU members have been on contract for too long. Jan Murphy, Branch Vice President, looks at ongoing member action to remediate that situation.

AEU members will have seen information about the Union’s conversion to permanency actions, initially for teachers then followed up with the launch of the action for our SSO and ECW members at the SSO Conference in July.

State Labor promised that, if elected in March, they would increase permanency in the Department by 10%. We need to hold them to that promise and ensure that AEU members are the beneficiaries. 

Since the start of Term 2, information about the actions has been rolling out to all members with specific advice also sent directly to sub-branch secretaries and workplace reps, to contract teachers and support staff, and to AEU PAC Reps. Everyone has had an important role to play. 

With the backing of their sub-branch or member group and support of their AEU rep, members on contract have gone to the PAC or preschool staff team seeking conversion to permanency. Members have been provided with details of eligibility, processes to follow, proforma letters, and advice and support with next steps regarding decisions made beyond the local level. 

Not all who are eligible will be converted at this time. There can be challenges and barriers and there are not always enough permanent positions available in your school or preschool, but success stories are emerging. 

While conversion processes are largely finished now for teachers as ongoing positions are being advertised, SSOs, ECWs and AEWs can continue to pursue conversion to permanency across the year. 

Keep working together. The strongest way is with your collective – your school sub-branch or preschool member group. And what a great time for the next conversation with your colleagues who aren’t union members yet.