Malinauskas funds election commitments. Teacher shortage crisis ignored.

AEU SA Branch media release: Thursday 2 June 2022

Schools and preschools

Today's State Budget announcements that provide support for children and students with complex needs in line with the AEU’s Every School Every Child campaign are welcome.

However, this budget makes no attempt to increase funding to lift public schools from 91.5% of the Schooling Resource Standard to at least 100% of the SRS – let alone the 101% enjoyed by private schools.

This structural funding inequity must be addressed in the bi-lateral state/federal funding agreement to be negotiated in September. 

The $2 million for scholarship programs for teachers will be found wanting in the urgent need to address the teacher shortage crisis and implement schemes to attract and retain teachers in the country and the metro. 

It is unclear what funding has been set aside for a new enterprise agreement. Negotiations commence in September. 

The $208.8 million for 5 new technical colleges is a valuable investment for the public sector and presents as a fine opportunity for the colleges and TAFE to collaborate as a creative vocation education and training relationship.

At a glance:

  • $2m over two years to fund a Royal Commission into early childhood education and care.
  • $117m over five years supporting continued access to at least 15 hours of preschool each week for all children in the year before they start school.
  • $208.8m over four years for five new technical colleges.
  • $50m over four years to fund mental health and learning support in primary and secondary schools.
  • $28.8m over four years to appoint an autism lead teacher in every government primary school.
  • $26.6m over two years for local school infrastructure upgrades.
  • $72.4m for mid-year intake (July 2024 in schools, July 2023 in preschools).


The Malinauskas Government commitment to reverse the savage cuts endured by TAFE in the care courses such as child and aged care are to be celebrated. Additional funding to address a variety of other course cuts will be welcomed by the community and TAFE educators alike.

The budget for TAFE is short many tens of millions as South Australians wait for the outcome of negotiations in September for increased funding for TAFE through a new bi-lateral agreement with the Federal Government.

At a glance:

  • $12.7m to fund high demand courses in the care industries to ensure affordable access.
  • $5m to upgrade Mount Gambier TAFE.
  • $4m to reverse the Marshall Government TAFE cuts.