Secure Our Jobs

When the current recruitment and selection policy for schools was implemented in 2011, DECD committed to work toward ensuring a minimum of 87% of positions in schools would be filled by permanent staff. Five years later the permanency figure sits at around 75% and the trend is moving in the wrong direction.

On this page you will find a range of information and resources to support sub-branches, PACs and school leaders in converting contract teachers to permanent employment. 


Sub-branches can use the following resources chart to support them in the the process of identifying members and converting members to permanent employment.

Conversion to Permanency flow chart

We encourage members to print this out in colour (A3) and display it on your AEU noticeboard.

Staffing Timeline 2017/2018

Key dates for organising staffing in preschools and schools in SA.

AEU articles, media releases and links

AEU Journal articles, AEU media releases, and other online content related to our Secure Our Jobs campaign.

"Secure our employment" pp12-14, AEU Journal Vol. 49 No.1, (February 2017).

"What is a permanent or contract position? p15, AEU Journal Vol. 49 No.1, (February 2017).

"Permanency in preschools? You bet!" p11, AEU Journal Vol. 49. No. 2, (March 2017).

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