• Classroom Observation of Teachers

    The aim of teacher observation in the classroom is to contribute to the development of a professional education workforce. Teacher observation supports teachers to self-reflect on their teaching practice and to continue to develop as education professionals. It is also reliant on adequate resourcing so that it does not increase workload.

  • Step 9: Schools & Preschools

    Applications for Step 9 will be assessed only against Attachment 1 to Schedule 3 of the South Australian School and Preschool Education Staff Enterprise Agreement 2020.

  • Hours of Work: School Teachers

    What does education and children's services - regulation 19 say about the organisation of school days.

  • Travel and accommodation expenses: medical and dental treatment

    Can i claim travel and accommodation costs for medical or dental assistance obtained in Adelaide or a larger city/town?

  • One Plan: Know Your Rights

    The One Plan (previously referred to as OCOP) has been replacing the range of different education/learning plans that exist (eg. Negotiated Education Plan, Individual Learning Plan, and Individual Education Plan), since 2018.

  • Part-time Conditions

    PERMANENT EMPLOYEES MAY: Request a change in time (increase or reduction in time) on a permanent basis in the same school. Request a temporary increase or reduction in time in the same school. Apply for an advertised position at a different fraction of time at a different school.