It’s time to get your workplace organised!

Welcome to Term 1 2020! We have prepared some tips and information for you to get involved with the AEU. Now is the time to get active, get involved and raise your voice.
Have the conversations and encourage your colleagues to join the AEU.
Together we can make a positive difference to public education in South Australia.

Term 1 Area Meetings 2020

The first Area Meetings for 2020 are being held from 28 January – 12 February (click here for details).

Calls for nominations for Branch Council delegates

Nominations for delegates for Branch Council, our peak decision-making body, will be held during this round of Area Meetings. To nominate for Branch Council click here.

Organising your Workplace

Check out our Organising Your Workplace booklet and information sheets for Preschools, School Sub-branch Secretaries and on-site AEU representatives.
It is a great time to be involved with the AEU in 2020.
Download PDFs below.
SCHOOLS: Organising your Workplace booklet 

SCHOOLS: Term 1 2020
Action Plan

PRESCHOOLS: Term 1 2020
Action Plan