AEU Standing and Consultative Committees

AEU members are invited to nominate for AEU Standing and Consultative Committees each year. Vacancies are advertised in the AEU Journal towards the end of Term 3 and elections are conducted at the November Branch Council meeting.

Click here for current committee vacancies. A nomination form is available via this link .


Standing Committees

Standing Committees comprise six members (three female and three male) who are elected for a two year term of office. Three Committee members are elected by November Branch Council to commence office in January the following year.

Standing Committees:

Country Conditions

The Committee monitors country working conditions and makes recommendations to Branch Executive on appropriate policy and action.


The Committee is chaired by the Treasurer and prepares the AEU budget and reviews expenditure on a quarterly basis.

Occupational Health Safety and Welfare

The Committee monitors OHS&W issues and advises on matters relating to the working environment and health of members and students.


The Reconciliation Standing Committee ensures through Branch Council, support of future Reconciliation work and RAPs. The Committee will seek cultural advice and guidance from the AEU Aboriginal Education Consultative Committee.

Consultative Committees

There are nine members on each of the following Consultative Committee.  Consultative Committees provide advice to Branch Executive on matters affecting their membership sector.  All positions are for a one year term of office ending in December.

  • Contract and TRT

  • Special Education

  • Status of Women

  • Leaders Consultative Committee

  • Aboriginal Educators

  • School Services Officers

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI)

  • Early Childhood (up to 15 positions, a majority of whom shall be Children’s Services Act employees)