SA Branch Rules

The Australian Education Union is a registered organisation. AEU SA Branch Rules can be found on the Fair Work Commission website and is accessible via this link.

Proposed rule change: Reappointment of Administrative Officers

29 March 2019

This proposed amendment to the AEU (SA Branch) Rules is in regard to the AEU’s employment of Administrative Officers who work in the areas of Organising, Industrial, Communications, and Education and Union Training. It will be on the 1 June Branch Council agenda.

Currently, the Rules provide for a three year term of appointment and operate in a way that requires advertisement and a full application for positions every three years. To provide more secure employment for AEU staff, reduce union resources used in filling positions, and advertising only vacancies that arise from retirement or resignation (subject to union finances), Branch Executive proposes the following amendment to the Rules to allow for ‘reappointment’ of Administrative Officers for subsequent three year terms of appointment.
In accordance with AEU SA Branch Rule 42 (3), the following proposed amendment to SA Branch Rules, Rule 21 is published for the consideration of members (changes in italics):


(1) Administrative Officers shall be appointed by Branch Council and reappointed by Branch Executive in accordance with this rule.

(2) Administrative Officers shall be appointed for a term of 3 years commencing on 1 February next following their appointment by the Branch Council. An Administrative Officer may be reappointed for a further consecutive term or terms by Branch Executive.

(3) Applications for the position of Administrative Officer other than a position held by an Administrative Officer reappointed subject to paragraph (2) of this rule, will be considered by a Review Committee constituted by: ...

Proposed rule change: creation of Reconciliation Standing Committee

5 February 2019

In accordance with AEU SA Branch Rule 42 (3), the following proposed rule change to create a Reconciliation Standing Committee is published for the consideration of members.

Branch Executive recommends to April Branch Council the following be inserted in Rule 12(1) of the AEU SA Branch rules, “(e) the Reconciliation Committee”.

This proposed rule change follows from the November Branch Council decision to endorse the AEU SA Branch Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Please follow this link to a copy of the RAP.