TAFE is the principal provider of VET in Australia. In order to maintain the high standards for which TAFE is renowned, employees need to work together with a joint sense of purpose.

As a team, lecturers, lecturers assistants, hourly paid instructors and educational managers share common interests in job security, working conditions, career development and salary justice. These common interests are protected and developed by the AEU which works exclusively in the education industry, and is the only body which consistently lobbies on behalf of TAFE employees. As a large and effective union, we are able to protect and improve your conditions and pay.

TAFE Divisional Council

The TAFE Divisional Council plays an important role in determining the priorities for our Union TAFE members.  In TAFE Divisional Council members are assigned to a sub-branch, usually the work group or campus. Sub-branches nominate delegates who represent those members at TAFE Divisional Council. TAFE Divisional Council's role is to determine AEU policy and direction in relation to TAFE issues and to provide advice and make recommendations to AEU Branch Executive.

TAFE Divisional Council meets four times a year and comprises delegates elected from the AEU's TAFE sub-branches. 


Students failed by Marshall’s Budget


       Investment in public education is always welcome, but the 2021-22 State Budget misses the mark, by leaving many students without learning support they need to be successful.

Marshall slashing TAFE, Feds announce billions


       The Australian Education Union says Premier Steven Marshall is cutting TAFE courses at the exact same time the Federal Government has announced $2.7bn for new apprenticeships and traineeships to help get young people into jobs.

TAFE Enterprise Bargaining


       TAFE Enterprise Bargaining negotiations commenced in 2019 and are continuing in 2020.

AEU Media release - Will Coltman



Budget fails public education students


       The Marshall State Government has once again failed to properly invest in public education – preschools, schools and TAFE.