Work Health and Safety

Workplace health and safety (WHS) is a core part of AEU work. The AEU has established a Standing Committee comprising six elected members that guides policy and practice with the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 as the reference point.

At a site level every workgroup should elect a health and safety representative (HSR) to represent their co-workers on WHS concerns. These representatives are appointed for three years and they must be released from site duties to attend the relevant training.  The AEU recommends training conducted by SA Unions (  It is also recommended that an AEU member is elected for this role in order to access the AEU WHS communications network [email protected].

HSRs support co-workers to report all hazards (physical and psychological) in writing to the site leader and the employer. Should issues not be resolved at site level or higher, trained HSRs can issue a Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN) which would then involve SafeWork SA: - call the 1300 365 255 Hotline.

For further information please contact the AEU Information Unit

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