The AEU is committed to working towards a first rate public education system in country South Australia and improving the conditions for its members who work in regional and remote areas.

AEU Organisers all take responsibility for supporting improved outcomes for country members. Two of our team have country issues as identified focus areas - Anne Beinke who is based in the Mid North and Meredith Farmer with extensive work in the Murraylands region.

The Principal Officer for country education is Vice-President Dash Taylor Johnson with industrial support provided by our Industrial Coordinator Dan Farmer.

In the first instance, information and advice should be sought by ringing the AEU Information Unit.

AEU Country Conditions Standing Committee

Country members are represented by the AEU Country Conditions Standing Committee. Members are elected for a two year tenure. Committee members can be contacted regarding issues specific to working in the country which are to be raised through the Country Conditions Standing Committee.

Your AEU Country Conditions Standing Committee. Click here!


Training and Development
Training and development can be hard to come by in the country, especially if you teach in a specialist area. Read more

Country Incentives and Allowances
The AEU has campaigned for country incentives for country teachers for a number of years. They were first introduced in the 1989 Curriculum Guarantee Agreement and have been included in the 2016 Enterprise Agreement and Teachers (DECS) Award. Read more