Aboriginal Educators

The South Australian Branch of the AEU has a proud history in the area of Aboriginal education and continues to work hard for good outcomes for Aboriginal members.

The  AEU has made a large number of gains for members working in Aboriginal Education. They include:

  • Organising the first national conference for teachers of Aboriginal children in 1976
  • Hosting the first Joint AEU/DECS Reconciliation Conference for educators 1998
  • Negotiating a new job description that valued the role and changed the title from Aboriginal School Assistants to Aboriginal Education Worker in 1981
  • Negotiating the first industrial agreement in 1987 for Aboriginal Education Workers
  • Ensuring that Aboriginal students were supported in schools by lobbying the government to appoint Aboriginal Education Teachers in 1982
  • Negotiating with the government to support beginning teachers by appointing induction officers to run induction programs in Aboriginal and Anangu Schools.
  • The AEU SA Branch was the first Branch of the AEU to negotiate and win Cultural Leave for Aboriginal employees.

Our policy on Aboriginal Education includes the statement that Aboriginal people have an inalienable right to self determination. This means that Aboriginal people are best placed to make decisions about Aboriginal issues and education.

To ensure there is an Aboriginal voice in our structures we have established an Organiser with Aboriginal Educators' focus, an identified position on Branch Executive and identified positions on Branch delegations to federal conference and the federal committees.

AEU Aboriginal Education Consultative Committee

We have an active Aboriginal Education Consultative Committee who are charged with the important responsibility of advising Branch Executive, Branch Council and Principal Officers on issues pertaining to ATSI students, ATSI educators, Aboriginal Education and Reconciliation, amongst other issues that arise.

For more information about the Aboriginal Education Consultative Committee or any other issues regarding the AEU and Aboriginal Education issues, feel free to contact Michele Appleton [email protected] or phone 8172 6300.

Latest Activities

Reconciliation Action Plan updated

An updated Reconciliation Action Plan for the union has been endorsed.