AEU Leaders include Band A and Band B members working across preschool, primary, secondary and area school settings.

School leaders work as teams in implementing DfE priorities and providing high quality educational opportunities for the students who attend their sites.

Increasingly over the past two decades, devolution of responsibility and authority to the local level has changed the roles of leaders. However, the AEU (SA) insists that the undeniable central role of all school leaders is to be an educational leader in their site.

Currently, around 80% of South Australian school leaders are members of the AEU.

AEU Leaders Consultative Committee

The Leaders Consultative Committee of the AEU, elected annually through Branch Council, represents the interests of these members and is made up of both metropolitan and country-located leaders. The LCC provides information and advice to Branch Executive on matters which affect the classifications, salaries and conditions of school leaders. In addition, this group advises on training and development opportunities and needs for leaders.