School library staffing policy

In February 2021 all members with experience working in a school library were invited to join an AEU SA Library Reference Group to review our 2013 policy. A group of 17 members including SSOs, teachers and leaders from country and metropolitan schools was established and has been working since April to develop an update. Members shared current research, their experience and views on the importance of library spaces and qualified staff.

We discussed the wide range of library structures and staff teams. These ranged from those in community libraries in rural areas - where AEU members on their own are responsible for meeting the needs of the staff and students, managing public libraries, liaising with Public Libraries SA, the Joint Use Libraries Association and Public Library Services and meeting the needs of their wider communities - to those responsible for libraries in some of the biggest schools in the state. 

The draft was provided to delegates with Branch Council papers and discussed at the recent round of Area Meetings. The new School Library Staffing policy was endorsed by Branch Council on 20 November 2021.

The policy calls on all members to familiarise themselves with the AEU policy to ensure that any sub-branch position taken to your PACs regarding library staffing decisions are in line with the policy.  

Thank you to members of the reference group for your time and commitment to this important work.