Every School Every Child logoOur community platform for the upcoming federal and state elections

The AEU SA Branch calls on all political parties to commit to:

  • Increased and ongoing funding for public schools and preschools in South Australia to permanently employ at least 1000 additional teachers and support staff, providing support and intervention for students with additional needs;
  • At least 150 additional specialists and allied health professionals employed across the system to assess and support learning needs and mental health concerns;
  • High quality, sustained professional development for teachers and support staff on inclusion, differentiation and challenging behaviours; and
  • A reduction of ASETO/ACEO ratio from 1:50 to 1:30 to provide more support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families. 

We have consulted with our members and a wide range of organisations and experts to develop a community platform on student support in schools and preschools. This was achieved through the establishment of a public education roundtable including principals’ associations, the Preschool Directors Association, parent groups, NDIS providers, non-government organisations, University of South Australia academics, the Commissioner for Children and Young People, and a Commissioner for Mental Health.

The key message from our members and these community groups has been the urgent need for additional support for children and students. We will be campaigning at a state and national level for more funding and policy improvements for schools and preschools in order to provide that support.

Our key asks for schools and preschools would be a considerable investment – one that is long overdue. The costs of these ‘asks’ is estimated to be approximately $170 million – or about a 6% increase in funding compared to a current expenditure of $3 billion on public schools and preschools.

By agreement between State and Federal Governments, public schools are currently funded at only 93% of the Schooling Resource Standard - a funding shortfall of 7% each year. To achieve these improvements, we will need State and Federal political parties to commit to properly and fairly funding public schools and preschools. We are seeking that an elected State Government negotiate with the Federal Government to ensure that South Australian schools receive 100% of the Schooling Resource Standard, and a commitment to addressing the urgent concerns relating to support for students and children.

Updated: July 2021