TAFE Too Good to Lose in SA

The State Government continues to pressure TAFE SA through underfunding and plans for a fully competitive market. If TAFE is required to further reduce costs and cut corners to compete with low-cost, low-quality private RTOs then students will lose out.

So far, State Government policies have resulted in; higher fees for students and less value for money, a reduction in range of courses being offered, campus closures, fewer lecturing staff and increased workloads on those that remain. At the same time, private RTOs and brokers have been preying on vulnerable students and providing poor quality education and training.

Now is the time to get TAFE onto the political agenda!

The AEU is campaigning to make a difference, but we need your active support. Leading up to SA State election in March this year we sent a clear message to all candidates - Guarantee at least 70% of VET funding to TAFE based on return to the VET funding levels before Skills for All.  Federal Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten, has recognized the problems and committed the ALP to guaranteeing TAFE funding.  In South Australia, the ALP and other parties should follow suit.

We must let the government know that they need to back TAFE and stop their plans to make TAFE compete for 100% of public funding with private for-profit Training Organisations, who put profits before students. We are asking that they guarantee funding for TAFE.

TAFE belongs to all South Australians and we can't risk it being destroyed by short-sighted politicians who put cuts before students.

Follow this link to the TAFE Too Good to Lose in SA campaign or visit the campaign facebook page here.

We have made a series of videos presenting the TAFE situation. Please view the four episodes, and share and tweet, and discuss with colleagues.

Episode 1

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Episode 2

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