Marshall Government stalls on TAFE offer - again

AEU SA Branch media release – Wednesday 22 January 2020

The Marshall Government has again failed to deliver an Enterprise Agreement offer for TAFESA employees as they head back to work.

It is now 276 days since negotiations for a new TAFE SA agreement were to commence and 93 days since the current TAFE SA Education Staff Enterprise Agreement 2016 nominally expired.

The 2016 TAFE Enterprise Agreement expired in October 2019. The AEU provided the employer with proposals for a new enterprise agreement in May 2019. Despite a number of meetings with TAFE negotiators, the Marshall Government has been unable to provide any of its own proposals for negotiation.

Last week’s scheduled meeting was cancelled because Government officials still have no instructions and no proposals for discussion.

In a letter to the AEU dated 29 September 2019, Treasurer Rob Lucas advised, “I am responsible for public sector enterprise bargaining matters.”

TAFE employees are overworked. TAFE exploits its employees’ unpaid goodwill.

“Enough is enough," said AEU SA Branch President Lara Golding.

“This continued delay is a sad repeat of the script educators endured for the Schools and Preschools Enterprise Agreement. The Marshall Government is either delaying the prospects for an agreement for political purposes or it is inept.

"AEU members call on Marshall Government to ensure they will not lose out on back pay because of his failure to meet timelines.”