Training and Development

Training and development can be hard to come by in the country, especially if you teach in a specialist area.

Each site budgets for staff training and development and as an employee you are entitled to access quality training and development needed to complete your role. Access and equity in regards to training and development for staff is a responsibility of the PAC, in consultation with staff.

The AEU has many opportunities for country members to undertake training and development throughout the year. For some courses the AEU may cover TRT replacement costs, part of your travel costs and provide accommodation if required.

Training available specifically for country members in the recent past includes:
• Application Writing for teaching positions: Country focus (a holiday workshop to assist in applying for DECD local selection teaching positions)

• AEU Leadership and Change Program (focussing on "Initiating and managing change - the core work of leaders)

• Safe Schools (to support schools as safe places free from homophobic bullying and harassment)

• Classroom Management for New Educators (this highly recommended 2-day practical course builds on the keynote and workshops run at the AEU New Educators' Conferences)

• Country Workplace Reps Course (designed to build and strengthen the sub-branch and assist members to work together to resolve workplace issues effectively through various decision making structures and consultative processes)

• Close the Gap - Yarning on Workshop (SHine SA 2-day sexual health training for Aboriginal school staff and educators to provide them with a strong understanding of, and confidence to talk about, sexual health)

Many of these courses will be run again in the future.

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