Country Incentives and Allowances

The AEU has campaigned for country incentives for country teachers for a number of years. They were first introduced in the 1989 Curriculum Guarantee Agreement and have been included in the 2016 Enterprise Agreement and Teachers (DECS) Award.

Country Incentives Allowance
This allowance is contained in Schedule 2.2 of the EA2016. If you work in a country location you are entitled to an annual cash incentive during years 1-5 of service. The amount of country incentives allowance varies depending on location (See Schedule 2.2 Appendix 1A – Country Zones EA 2016). It is paid on a fortnightly basis and should appear on your payslip.

One-off “Incidentals Payment”
This is available upon recruitment to a permanent position in a country site.

Non-metropolitan Medical/Dental Assistance
Reimbursement for travel and accommodation costs incurred as a result of obtaining medical/dental assistance in Adelaide or larger city/town (if unavailable in location) can be claimed for the first ten years of appointment in locations outside of the metropolitan area (travelling time included). Non-metropolitan leave which is not debited to any other form of leave is also available for the travel Teachers Non Metropolitan Clause Claim – ED185.

Teachers moving to country locations, further than 100 kilometres from Adelaide, have the right to access government housing through the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure. If there is no government housing available the service includes finding private rental, entering into a lease agreement and the teacher will receive a rental subsidy. Teachers living in Marree, Oodnadatta or above-ground housing in Coober Pedy receive an increased water allowance. There is no up-front bond. There is an agreement on a minimum standard of housing and maintenance and service delivery. Check out the DPTI website for Government Employee Housing.

Travel reimbursement, packing and accelerated depreciation of furniture allowances can be claimed on form ED131E which should be forwarded to you with the notification of the removalist. Teachers relocating to and from country schools will have their removal arranged by DECD including in-transit insurance. The claim form to complete is, Furniture Inventory – ED131.

Travelling Time Provision for Country Teachers
The AEU has negotiated with the government for teachers in schools outside the greater metropolitan area to be granted additional leave for necessary travel during school hours, to attend to those matters for which leave has been granted (eg. bereavement or child adoption). Further information can be found in the DECD Special Leave Policy (section 4.3).

Locality Allowance
Country teachers living in locations that are prescribed under the Teachers (DECS) Award are eligible to be paid locality allowances for:
• Compensation for Adverse Environment
• Vacation Periods Allowance for Cost of Commuting from Distant Schools
• Motor Vehicle Allowance in respect of Abnormal Depreciation
• Allowance by way of Compensation for Increased Cost of Living Arising from Country Service and some Aspects of Isolation.

The AEU writes to the Office for the Public Sector annually to seek an increase in the locality allowance in line with the CPI.

In recent inspections of pay records the AEU identified that a number of country teachers eligible for these allowances were not receiving the correct amount.

Teachers need to complete the claim form, Claim for Locality Allowance – VL115. Be sure to lodge it at the start of each year.

We encourage you to check your pay slip and the Teachers (DECS) Award to ensure that you are being paid correctly.

Telephone Costs
Principals will have the cost of basic rental and official calls paid.

Specific Incentives for Teachers and Leaders in Aboriginal and Anangu Schools
• Teachers, Band B leaders (except DPs), preschool directors and preschool teachers are entitled to one term study leave with pay after two years of service in these schools.  Principals and DPs are granted one term’s approved training and development leave after completing three years continuous service in one of these schools.
• Teachers appointed to an Anangu School are entitled to attend the five day induction program held in January of each year, before commencing their appointment.
• Principals and DPs are eligible to receive a four week induction program. 50% of this should be taken in school holidays.
• Schools in the most remote and inaccessible areas are supplied with a four wheel drive vehicle. The principals are authorised to grant permission (on a group basis) for the collection of consumables for day-to-day living and the conveyance of staff in cases of genuine urgency to points at which reliable regular public transport is available.

Remote Schools
Schools in remote locations are granted extra travel days in term time.

For more detail or clarification on any of these entitlements please contact your AEU sub-branch secretary, or the AEU Information Unit on 8172 6300.