First Nations Workers Alliance

The First Nations Workers Alliance (FNWA) was created in response to calls from Community Development Program (CDP) workers, who wanted a collective voice in fighting against the unfair, unequal and discriminatory Community Development Program that has been imposed upon them and their communities. 80% of CDP workers are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people, there is no doubt about it - this is a racially discriminatory government program.

What is CDP?

CDP workers are not actually classified as workers. They get paid well below the minimum wage, are not covered by protections in industrial laws such as those in the Fair Work Act and Work Health and Safety legislation. They can’t take any leave – annual leave, sick leave or carers’ leave. They don’t earn any superannuation.

What is First Nations Workers Alliance?

FNWA is an initiative from the Australian Council of Unions (ACTU) that is culturally safe and culturally identifiable for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers to gather, discuss, develop capacity and exercise self-determination. The main purpose is to ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers receive the same pay and employment conditions that are available to all Australians. A fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.

To join the FNWA or for more information click here to visit their website and here to visit their Facebook page.