3 December 2019

AEU EB Offer

Formal acceptance of this offer will be determined by a ballot of AEU members.

Ballot Instructions

Before the Meeting

Call a meeting of AEU members at your workplace to occur prior to Thursday 12 December 2019. Make sure all AEU members, including part-time staff are notified. Only current financial members may vote. If necessary, request an up-to-date membership list from the AEU Office. Photocopy enough ballot papers to ensure that one is available for each member. Please read the analysis documents on the offer included in the 3 December AEU eNews before voting.
Download these documents:
Ballot Instructions
Ballot Papers
Ballot Summary

At the Meeting

The Sub-branch Secretary or AEU Rep is the returning officer, or the members may appoint a returning officer. Discuss the motion provided. Hand out and keep a record of the members who receive a ballot paper. Voting should generally take place at the meeting. However, the Returning Office can make provision for members unable to attend the meeting to vote before an agreed deadline.

Member feedback

Please refer members to the AEU eNews that provides an electronic link for optional feedback regarding members’ reasoning behind their vote. This may be completed by individuals and/or Sub-branch Secretaries/AEU Reps.

Counting the Votes

Note the following in counting votes:
(a) Abstentions are treated as informal and are not counted in the total votes.
(b) Formal votes (those to be counted) are YES and NO votes.
(c) Proxy votes (i.e. one person exercising a vote on behalf of another person) are not permitted.

Ballot results deadline
Return your ballot results to the AEU before:
5.00pm on Thursday 12 December 2019 by:   
Fax: 8172 6390  Phone: 8172 6300   SMS: 0488 254 254
Email: ballot@aeusa.asn.au