Responding To Abuse and Neglect: Education & Care Focus

Responding To Abuse and Neglect: Education & Care Focus
The AEU SA Branch provides RAN-EC training to AEU Members. Please ensure you have applied for AEU membership or currently hold AEU membership before registering to attend RAN-EC training with the AEU SA Branch.

2021 Dates:

All AEU SA RAN-EC training courses are held from 9:00am-4:00pm and currently, all courses are conducted online via Zoom. 

  • Monday 15 February
  • Friday 26 February
  • Friday 12 March
  • Friday 19 March

Open to :

AEU members only.
Non-members must join the AEU before registering for this training. Click here to join the AEU.

Student members will receive ONE free RAN-EC Course, hosted by the AEU, over the life of your student membership which lasts the length of your degree up to six years. (Attendance at any additional RAN courses will be charged at $45.00.)

Full Members pay $45.00 to attend.

Please note: AEU SA members have access to this course as a benefit of their membership. We regret that we are not always able to accommodate all requests and we cannot guarantee course timing aligns with all university deadlines. If a course is not available you may find alternative providers via the Department for Education website.
Other benefits of being an AEU Student Member include access to contemporary issues via our Journal and final year courses like our “Meet the Principals” event.


RAN-EC full-day training at the AEU is available for:

  1. AEU Members who have not attended full-day RAN-EC Training.
    If your Teacher Registration has lapsed you will need to complete the full day training again.
  2. Tertiary students who are AEU Associate Student Members and who are:
    Studying undergraduate or post graduate education qualifications

It is important that participants arrive on time, and stay for the duration of the training. Certificates will not be issued to participants who miss any part of the day.

This course has been mapped against the following Australian Professional Standards for Teachers:

4.4 Maintain student safety

7.2 Comply with legislative, administrative and organisational requirements

RAN-EC Online Update Training:

If you are currently registered with the Teachers Registration Board and your RAN-EC training needs to be updated, you do not have to complete full-day training again.

RAN-EC training is updated by completing the online update training provided by the Department for Education. Click here to access the RAN-EC online update training.


Click here to register for AEU SA RAN-EC Training.


For more information email:
2/15/2021 9:00 AM - 3/15/2021 4:00 PM
163 Greenhill Road Parkside 5063 ONLINE COURSE