Responding to Risks of Harm, Abuse and Neglect – Education and Care (Information Only Page)

RRHAN-EC Training (previously RAN-EC) is now available.
There are 2 elements to the training:
- Fundamentals (online only via plink)
- Masterclass (online and in-person, depending on course selected via AEU SA).

To determine which course you need to complete, the Department for Education have a self-assessment tool on their website. Alternatively the Teachers Registration Board can assist at: [email protected] Please note: AEU SA cannot determine which training is right for you.

The AEU SA Branch continues to be an approved provider for the “Masterclass” with a few changes.
Members and non members can do the “Masterclass” with AEU SA.
a. Student members - first one free (eligibility requirements apply to be a student member)
b. Full financial members - $55
c. Non members - $166

Important Information - Register for a session
Registrations for RRHAN-EC training will be taken through plink only. Non-education department staff will be able to make a guest account. Current Department for Education staff can log in using their existing account. To find availability for training dates you will need to go to the Masterclass page and then log into plink.
* To register for a Masterclass session in plink you must have completed the fundamentals course first.

AEU SA Branch RHHAN-EC Masterclass Training dates are listed below:
*please note the below is information only and is subject to monitoring. Please check your plink account to confirm session times and be provided with the most up-to-date information as the below are subject to change.

Term 4:
- Wednesday 13 October 2021 9:00am – 1:30pm (online)
- Monday 13 December 2021 9:00am – 1:30pm (in-person – COVID restrictions permitting)
*You must receive a booking conformation through plink to ensure you are booked into a session.

Technical Support (this includes registration issues when trying to register for an AEU SA session via plink)
Plink technical support email: [email protected] 
RRHAN-EC course information support email: [email protected] 

Contact for other enquires: 

AEU SA Education Team
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (08) 8172 6300

*This is an information only page - you cannot book through AEU SA. Registrations must be made and confirmed through plink.*