Merit Training

The Department for Education Merit Selection Policy, Procedures and Instructions were updated in 2018, the revised policy and procedures are now available online.

The AEU Merit Selection Policy and Procedures - Schools and Preschools was updated and endorsed in August 2020 by Branch Council. Please follow this link   to see the updated Policy and Procedures document.

A Panel Composition Table used in the training sessions is available by following this link.

A copy of the AEU Panellist Handbook, which includes frequently asked questions (FAQs), is available by following this link.

Please note that the AEU does not provide TRT release for attendance at Merit Selection Training sessions or to participate on a panel - the site with the vacancy is responsible for this.

Partnerships and Panels

With an increase in the number of Partnership Positions being advertised, there was a need to clarify our policy around AEU reps for panels across more than one worksite.

This addition to the above AEU Merit Selection Policy and Procedures was endorsed at Branch Executive on 11 November 2014:

"Where an AEU panel representative is required for a position over more than one workplace, the AEU will contact the sub-branch secretary at the advertising site to establish the AEU panel representative. If an AEU panel representative cannot be provided the AEU will nominate a representative from any sub-branch in the partnership/group of sites."

To support this process, the AEU is recommending that all sub-branch secretaries within a partnership meet, or organise to communicate in whatever manner best suits them, at the beginning of each year, to establish a list of trained sub-branch secretaries willing to be AEU reps on panels for partnership positions. This list can then be referred to if contacted by the AEU because a rep is needed for a partnership panel.

The AEU will assist in this process by providing sub-branch secretaries with the details of all other sub-branch secretaries in their partnerships as soon as these details are finalised in our membership data base each year. If, when contacted by the AEU, a sub-branch secretary is not able to provide a rep for a partnership position, the AEU will allocate an AEU rep from any of the sub-branches in the partnership.

AEU Retraining Sessions

If you trained in 2015 you need to attend a retraining session before the end of January 2021 otherwise your training will be removed from the AEU system as it will no longer be valid. The AEU runs merit selection retraining sessions for our members who are currently listed on the AEU database as being merit selection trained.  AEU members, particularly sub-branch secretaries, are expected to undertake retraining in Merit Selection every five years. It is AEU Policy that our reps on panels attend a retraining session every five years to ensure that training is current, we do not recognise "sitting on a panel" as being equivalent to attending a retraining session.

Click here to view the upcoming AEU Merit Selection Retraining dates.

DfE Training

As of Term 2, 2020, DfE no longer provides face to face full day merit selection training sessions. The DfE training is now fully online and can be completed by DfE employees at any time. Please visit the Department's Plink website and search for Merit Selection training (make sure it is the Education and Children's Services Act 2019 session for employees working in schools and preschools).

AEU members who are sub-branch secretaries, PAC representatives, leaders or potential applicants for positions are strongly encouraged to complete this training online if they have not previously undertaken training.

There are no specified dates for this training as it is done independently and individually at any time.

AEU Supplementary Training

The AEU policy on Merit Selection requires members to complete a joint face to face Merit Selection Training in order to be recorded on the AEU system as trained. The DfE move to online only training now means that AEU members who wish to be AEU representatives on panels need to complete the DfE online session followed by a 1 hour AEU supplementary training. Once both sessions have been completed AEU members can represent the AEU on merit selection panels. Without this 1 hour session members can only sit on panels as a chairperson, peer panellist or staff representative.

Click here to view the upcoming AEU Supplementary Training dates.



AEU Merit Selection Retraining session - please click here.
AEU Merit Selection Supplementary session - please click here

Further information on:

DfE Merit Selection Training is available from the Ethical Conduct Unit. Phone: 8226 1342.

AEU Merit Selection Retraining or Supplementary sessions is available from our training department. Phone: 8172 6300.