Support Staff Week of Action 2022:

22-26 August

The AEU's Support Staff Week of Action each year acknowledges School Services Officers (SSOs), Early Childhood Workers (ECWs) and Aboriginal Education Workers (AEWs). We know that sites could not function without you and everything you do helps support young people to achieve their potential.

It’s about acknowledgement and appreciation, cake and flowers but it’s much more. Respect and appreciation of a person’s work also means taking action to improve their working lives – this action is one way you can show respect for AEW, SSO and ECW members of our union and your education team.

Our theme this year is 'Secure Employment for a Professional Workforce', and it reflects the ongoing action in sites this term to support the conversion of eligible contract support staff to permanency. Find the details around conversion to permanency for SSOs and ECWs here

Professional learning opportunities

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Ways to celebrate

Some suggestions for celebration and acknowledgement:

  • Morning tea or shared lunch
  • Certificates of appreciation
  • Awards at assembly, from staff or children/students 
  • Cards made by staff, classes or individual students
  • Photos for display with positive messages, thank you notes and shout outs
  • Schools and preschools post thank you notes or acknowledgements on their Facebook pages
  • Articles in school and preschool newsletters or online platforms 
  • Special treats, such as chocolates, biscuits, home-made goodies or flowers.
  • Teachers, leaders and other staff take on a role to give support staff members a break for celebrations  
  • Support staff share something about their role and an achievement.

Certificate of Appreciation

Presentation of Certificates of Appreciation to support staff is a popular activity during Support Staff Week.

Click the button below to download a printable Certificate of Appreciation. 

Certificate of Appreciation

Download the poster

Share the Week. Click the button below to download a poster to print for your noticeboard. 

Support Staff Week poster