Support Staff Week of Action 2021: 16-20 August

Acknowledging and celebrating the work of support staff in public education

Support Staff Week 2020 image with words Essential for LearningThe AEU's Support Staff Week of Action each year acknowledges School Services Officers (SSOs), Early Childhood Workers (ECWs) and Aboriginal Education Workers (AEWs). We know that sites could not function without you and everything you do helps support young people to achieve their potential.

‘Support Staff – Essential for Learning’ was the theme for the 2020 Support Staff Week. The 2021 theme will be announced soon.

It’s a week when we celebrate, but it’s also a week when we take action to improve the working lives of our support staff colleagues. ‘One Staff – One Union’ is more than just a slogan – it’s the way members at a site should operate to ensure all members are heard and all members work together to achieve the best outcomes.

The AEU SSO, Early Childhood and Aboriginal Education Consultative Committees are currently developing the member action for 2021 and members will be notified soon about how to get involved.

Thumbnail of 2020 CertificateCertificate of appreciation

Presentation of Certificates of Appreciation to support staff is a popular activity during Support Staff Week.

The 2021 Certificate will be available in Term 3.