Review of AEU SA Branch School Library Staffing policy

22 February 2020

AEU SA Branch Executive has decided that we establish a reference group of AEU members who work in school libraries to review the AEU SA Branch School Library Staffing policy.

The current policy  was adopted by Branch Council in 2013.

The work of the reference group may extend beyond the initial policy review. This will be dependent on member engagement and interest, and any further recommendation of Executive.

Teachers, leaders and SSOs working in school libraries are best placed to share your knowledge and experience to ensure that this AEU policy is relevant. Those on the Reference Group may also be in a position to consult with other members via any networks, groups or associations of which you are a part.

AEU policy is important as it provides direction to the Executive and assists in establishing a clear position when we are:

  • negotiating with the Department and Government;
  • making media comment;
  • determining the use of AEU resources;
  • responding to member enquiries and grievances; and
  • developing Enterprise Bargaining claims

Given current circumstances and to maximise participation of members in all areas across the state, it is likely that the reference group will work together online via Zoom and meet after school hours.

We hope to establish a group that is inclusive of members with different roles, experiences and classifications (teachers, leaders and SSOs) from a range of workplaces (primary, secondary, area/combined, large and small schools in metro and regional areas). 

If you are interested and wish to nominate for the AEU School Libraries Reference Group 2021, please send your name, current classification, role and workplace to [email protected] by Wednesday 31 March (Week 10.

Please bring this information to any of your colleagues who you believe may be interested in being part of the AEU reference group.