Focus on Teaching and Learning

“Our Goodwill, Our Choice”

Most initiatives are another poorly funded priority while members’ unpaid goodwill is taken for granted and built into the Department for Education’s business model.

Workload has been a constant feature of enterprise bargaining negotiations for over a decade. It is outrageous that, while the Government and the Department want to keep down salaries to the bare minimum, South Australian educators have amongst the highest contact times and lowest non-instruction-times in the country and there is a clear expectation to work harder for longer.

Ensuring Public Education meets the needs of our diverse students is an obligation that must be equally shared between the Government, the Department, parents and educators.

The only way to address unreasonable workloads is to take control and make cultural change – for our health and the sake of our families and relationships.

How you can support the campaign:

Download the Focus on Teaching and Learning kit
for information and tips on what you can do to support the campaign.

Read the articles: FoTaL: Journal03-2019 and FoTaL: Journal04-2019 to find out how members are taking back control.

Download the Our Goodwill, Our Choice poster and distribute around your site.

To Sub-branch Secretaries – call a meeting to discuss actions with the members at your site.

Are you a parent with a child or children at school? – read the facts here on our information for parents.  

Any questions? – call the AEU Information Unit: 8172 6300.