TAFE SA Enterprise Bargaining 2019

Updated: 28 September 2020

Negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement for TAFE SA employees is currently under way.

What you need to Know

Enterprise Bargaining is a legislated process that occurs between unions and employers in order to make an Enterprise Agreement that operates to regulate salary levels and working conditions.

Our Enterprise Agreement is negotiated between the AEU and the employer by a process is governed by provisions of the Fair Work Act 1994 (SA) requiring the parties to use their best endeavours to resolve the issues in question.

This means that as State Government Employees we are operating under the State IR system, not the Federal IR System.

Our current agreement is the TAFE SA Educational Staff Enterprise Agreement 2016 (EA2016).  This agreement must be renegotiated after three years and it has a nominal expiry date of 21 October 2019. Renegotiation may commence six months prior to the expiry.

The last pay increase scheduled for the current EA2016 was paid on and from the first full pay period after the 1 October 2018.

We are the only one

In relation to TAFE Lecturers, Lecturer Assistants, HPIs, Invigilators and Educational Managers, the AEU is the only association formally registered under the Fair Work Act 1994 to represent members, and thus be a party to the Enterprise Agreement approved by the South Australian Employment Tribunal.

So if you want your voice heard, it is best to join the AEU, please click here  to join.

Who agrees?

An Enterprise Agreement must be formally voted upon and agreed to by the majority of employees that are covered by the agreement. Before the AEU accepts an agreement we will ballot members.

It is important that you keep up to date with the information on the progress of the enterprise bargaining and provide the AEU with your feedback on matters that are of interest to you and your colleagues.

The success of any negotiations is dependent upon displays of collective strength and activism by members throughout the negotiating process.

If we are united, organised and strong we will have more success in winning improvements to salary and conditions.

Protecting your rights at work

Enterprise Bargaining is the place where the AEU members' interests run up against the employer's desire to do more with less with greater workforce "flexibility".  The bargaining process is one of compromise without giving up hard fought wins from previous agreements.

The AEU's Log of Claims in the TAFE Enterprise Bargaining 2019 provides AEU members with broad proposals developed by TAFE Divisional Council that guide AEU negotiations.  Some components will be easily agreed, other will be fiercely opposed.

Please click here to see the AEU's Proposals for TAFE Enterprise Bargaining 2019.

Is your workload already excessive?

The issues of excessive workloads, unpaid overtime and work/life balance have all received attention in the media in the recent past.  The impact of these practices on workplace psychological health and general well-being are well documented.

Accordingly, the following information is included within TAFE: Excessive Workload booklet:

  • Excessive workloads: What are your rights?
  • An example: Collaborative setting of workloads within TAFE SA.
  • Guidelines: How to introduce more effective workload allocation processes.

The AEU also provides a TAFE: Weekly Workload Calculator, to help you assess your current workload.

TAFE: Excessive Workload Booklet

TAFE: Weekly Workload Calculator 2021

If your workload is excessive, please contact the AEU Information Unit to discuss your options on 8172 6300 or email [email protected].


Notice of Intent to Bargain

Please click here to see the AEU's Notice of Intention to Bargain.

Please click here  to see the Goverment's Notice of Intention to Bargain.

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