Community support for public education
in South Australia is vitally important

We have a unique workplace as the conditions and number of teachers and support staff impacts on your child’s learning environment.

We want the best public education learning environment for every South Australian child and young person.

The AEU and its members advocate for improving conditions in public education.

There are areas of concern that need to be addressed:
• Class sizes and complexity
• Lack of sufficient funding and support for every school and preschool
• Lack of job security for our educators
• Challenges in attracting and retaining educators in country areas.

We need your support
Can you help us? Please show your support by registering your commitment to public education and sign up for updates.

Find out more by talking with your preschool directors, school principals, teachers, early childhood workers, AEWs and SSOs about conditions and funding

Stay in touch through the AEU (SA Branch) website and social media.

Register your support

More resources

Download the sign-up form here
Print copies of this form and encourage everyone involved in your school community to sign and return to us once filled.

Download the flyer here
Print copies of our flyer or call the AEU on 8172 6300 and we will send a package to your site.