Member Assistance


The AEU provides support to facilitate attendance of members at union education courses, AEU meetings, Branch Council and other designated AEU activities.

The support is in the form of relief funding to ensure that members' duty of care obligations are met while they are absent. The AEU can provides travel and accommodation assistance for country members for designated events and courses.

Casual Relief Staff

The AEU will pay for the cost of relief staff to cover members' absence from their workplace, when they attend AEU training courses, Branch Council meetings and other AEU meetings and activities and some AEU professional development.

Availability of funding for union training will be indicated in the the course details.

The AEU provides assistance to members if a reliever is deemed necessary to release the member from teaching duties to attend the activity on that day - it is not transferable to any other date or any other employee.

For more information click here or contact Saniya Sidhwani,  ph 08 8272 1399.

Travel and accommodation

Union training attracts funding assistance for travel and accommodation for country members travelling from outside the metropolitan area. Funding availability will be indicated in the course details. Country funding assistance may include the cost of a flight, bus fare or a cash amount based on mileage. 

Accommodation is always booked by the AEU at its preferred hotels.

Travel and accommodation funding assistance is provided for union training, it is not usually provided by the AEU to support members' attendance at AEU professional development activities.

For more information on travel and accommodation assistance click here or contact Lina Candiotto,  phone 08 8272 1399.

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