It makes sense for all employees in education to be part of one large democratic union representing their interests.

In recent years AEU members have successfully campaigned for improvements in wages, conditions and curriculum entitlements. AEU staff have a detailed knowledge of the education system and are well placed to give advice and information quickly and efficiently.

AEU services to members include:

  • Legal assistance
  • Industrial advocacy
  • Advisory services
  • Training & Professional development
  • Casual relief support
  • Travel and accommodation funding assistance
  • Publications
  • Workplace visits
  • Health benefits
  • Conveyancing services

The Australian Education Union represents employees who educate South Australians.

Membership of the Australian Education Union is open to:

  • Teachers in government schools and kindergartens
  • TAFE Act employees
  • Early childhood education workers
  • Hourly paid instructors
  • School services officers
  • Aboriginal education workers
  • Swimming and aquatics instructors
  • Associate membership is open to students training to become teachers.

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