AEU Events

All AEU members are encouraged to attend courses offered through the AEU union member development program. The program is designed to develop members to become more effective, active and knowledgeable members of the union. The AEU offers both union education and professional development for financial members. 

All AEU union education and professional development counts towards members' 60 professional learning hours over three years required by the Teachers Registration Board for re-registration.

Union education program

Members are supported to attend the union education program through the funding of casual relief staff and travel and accommodation support for country members.

Click here to view travel assistance and relief funding assistance information.

Only financial AEU members can attend courses offered through the union education program.


Parking at the AEU is limited. We encourage members to use public transport or to car share if possible. In doing so you will be helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Follow this link to the Adelaide Metro website for a timetable.

Joint AEU/DECD Merit Selection Panellist Training
Information regarding times, venues and registration is available on the AEU website.

Local Selection training

Local Selection Training is incorporated into the AEU/DECD Merit Selection training.

Responding to Abuse and Neglect Education and Care Training

Click here for general information.

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