Throughout the country, the Australian Education Union has a membership of over 180,000 educators who work in public schools, colleges, early childhood and vocational settings in all states and territories of Australia. Members include teachers and allied educational staff, principals and administrators mainly in government school and TAFE systems. Membership in South Australia is currently around 13,500.

The AEU represents its members industrially and professionally in diverse forums. This includes the maintenance of comprehensive industrial protection and representation through industrial awards and agreements in all industrial tribunals in Australia. This involves industrial research, negotiation and advocacy over a wide range of matters including salaries and teaching and learning conditions.

As the largest union in the education sector, the AEU is an effective lobbyist for educational resources at both Commonwealth and state levels. Through the Federation of Education Unions, the AEU works closely with the two other Federal unions which cover educators in non-government schools and universities.

The AEU is a nationally organised union with a Federal Office in Melbourne and offices in all state and territory capitals as well as many regional centres.

It makes sense for all employees in education to be part of one large democratic union representing their interests.

In recent years AEU members have successfully campaigned for improvements in wages, conditions and curriculum entitlements. AEU staff have a detailed knowledge of the education system and are well placed to give advice and information quickly and efficiently.

Membership of the SA branch of the AEU is open to educators working in public preschools, schools and TAFE.