AEU Branch Council


Branch Council is the supreme decision making body of the union and meets four times a year (once a term) on a Saturday, from 10.00am to 1.00pm at the AEU, 163 Greenhill Road Parkside.

AEU Branch Council Dates for 2015

Term 1: Saturday 21 March

Term 2: Saturday 30 May

Term 3: Saturday 22 August

Term 4: Saturday 7 November

More about AEU Branch Council

  • Branch Council consists of approximately 130 Delegates elected from Areas and TAFE Divisional Council and the 20 members of Branch Executive.
  • AEU Rules provide for at least 50% of delegate positions to be filled by women.
  • Delegates are elected by Area, and how many delegates per Area entitlement is determined by the number of members in that Area.
  • Branch Council delegates are expected to attend their Area Meetings. These are usually held in the week preceding Branch Council.
  • Branch Council delegate is important position in the union's governance. To learn more about the role Delegates can attend AEU union training that is specifically designed to support them.
  • Country members' attendance is supported with travel and accommodation provision and child care is funded on request.
  • A women's breakfast which women delegates can opt to attend starts at 9am. It provides support for women and an opportunity for the day's agenda to be discussed.

A number of training courses have been developed to support potential, proxy and elected council delegates.

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