DECD writes to TRTs on Step 9


A number of members would have received a letter from DECD on the TRT Step 9 eligibility last week. The letter is in response to the AEU’s recent win in the Industrial Relations Commission of SA.

The letter states:

  • That where PDPs were deemed to be unacceptable to DECD due to employment as a TRT, "your original application will be retrospectively accepted and back payment will occur from seven days after your application was received by DECD (refer clause 2.9, Schedule 3, Attachment 1 of the Award).”

  • “Any back payment for TRT days worked subsequently to the approval of your step 9 teacher application will occur automatically, however it is uncertain in which ay period this will be provided due to the need to identify employees in scope.  I would hope that all back payment will be made by the end of the year.”

  • “All Step 9 teachers (including TRTs) will also be required to participate in an annual review of the PDP.  It is suggested that if you are working solely as a TRT at the 12 month date of your PDP, you ask a leader at a site who knows your practice to hold the annual review with you.”

While the Arbitrated Award was approved on October 19, 2011, settlement of the minutes before the Registrar of the Industrial Relations Commission of SA will occur on Thursday Novmber 17, 2011.


AEU TRT members with approved PDPs are encouraged to:

1. Identify your Step 9 starting date (seven days after application was received by DECD).
2. Calculate money owed due to underpayment (salary schedules are on the AEU website at this link.)
3. Contact your pay officer to:

a. Ensure that you have been identified as an employee requiring back pay
b. Ensure that they have your correct starting date for Step 9
c. Receive a timeline for payment
d. Determine the amount of back pay DECD believes is owing.

4. Let other TRTs know of the importance of being an AEU member, and encourage them to join the AEU if they haven't already done so! All the information they need to join is on our website at this link.

Note: Under recent changes to the Arbitrated Award, the disclaimer below must appear on all Step 9 material published by the industrial parties:

1.1.9  The AEU and the employer may issue information to assist in the implementation of these Step 9 Teacher Guidelines. Any such information must include the following statement:
Applications for Step 9 will be assessed only against Attachment 1 to Schedule 3 of the South Australian Education Staff (Government Preschools and Schools) Arbitrated Enterprise Bargaining Award 2010.
The Award does not require any material not specifically identified in the Award to be provided by a teacher in connection with Step 9. However, this does not preclude teachers from choosing to provide additional material to support their application to Step 9.
The following information is intended to assist with the application process but does not impose requirements which must be adhered to in order to apply for and achieve Step 9.

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