MINI Education Modules

MINI (Members In Need of Information) Education Modules

In Term 3 2017 the AEU SA launch our MINI (Members In Need of Information) education modules available to upskill Sub Branches around particular topics. These sessions are 60 minutes or less and are designed to be “bite sized” trainings that come to you. These sessions are mapped against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

MINI topics you can request for your sub branch include:

  • Contemporary legal issues (AEU members and potential members)
  • SSO Reclassification: an introduction (AEU members only)
  • Recruitment and Selection for Teachers (AEU members only)
  • Talking to staff about AEU membership and joining the AEU (AEU members only)
  • PAC information session (AEU members only)
  • Progressing to Step 9 (AEU members only)

These MINI education modules can be conducted at a long break time (lunch’n’learn), after school or during a student free day. In most cases these modules will be conducted face to face in your site but may be negotiated to be delivered electronically if necessary.

To request a session click here.

Further sessions are currently in development – we would love to hear what your sub branch needs information on for more MINI education modules!

Email  your suggestions to Sam Lisle-Menzel , Union Training & Professional Development Coordinator at

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