The AEU's GLBTI Special Interest Group is open to any interested member of the AEU. It is concerned with Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (GLBTI) issues and how these issues affect teachers and schools.

The group meets at AEU Parkside once per term and welcomes all with an interest in GLBTI matters.

For more information about the group, meeting times or general support, please contact Lynn Hall on         8272 1399 or email

GLBTI people are legally protected from workplace discrimination, bullying, harassment and vilification. If you are experiencing homophobia, discrimination or harassment contact the AEU Information Unit for advice on 8272 1399. All calls to the Information Unit are confidential.

Upcoming Events

FEAST Workshop: Safe schools for a sexually diverse all.

Saturday November 26, 2011
2.00pm to 5.00pm

REGISTER: Follow this link for more information and registration.

PROMOTE: Follow this link to download the A4 poster for your work site (PDF)

Links and Resources

Please find links below to resources and sites that you may find useful.

Australian Human Rights Commission

Information about LGBTI people’s human rights as well as information from projects and publications by the Human Rights Commission are accessible on the AHRC website. Follow this link

Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby

Fact sheets and links are available at this website. The information provided informs people that gay and lesbian people are protected from workplace discrimination, harassment, vilification and unlawful termination by federal and state laws. Follow this link.

Gay and Lesbian Community Services of South Australia (GLCS)

GLCS provides telephone support, counselling and referrals for gay and lesbian men and women in South Australia. Follow this link to their website.

Gay Men's Health

Gay Men's Health is committed to working with all gay, bisexual and same sex attracted men in South Australia. Follow this link to the website.

Resources for Teachers

DECD "Addressing Homophobia" resources

Diversity and Discrimination in Australia (CYH Network)



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