Responding to Abuse and Neglect Education and Care Training 2012 - 2014 - General Information


Please be aware that this training is due to be updated for the period 2015-2017.

The AEU provides full-day Responding to Abuse & Neglect Education & Care FocusTraining for AEU members only.

This is the training course teachers need to complete before they can register as a teacher.

Teachers renewing their teacher registration who have attended either the full-day course or update training within their last teacher registration cycle only need to attend a 3-hour update (or refresher) course. However,
 the AEU does not provide 3-hour update training. Please refer to the DECD website for further information.

All full-day RAN training courses are held at the Australian Education Union offices at 163 Greenhill Road, Parkside, South Australia from 9.15am - 4.00pm approximately. 

The training is conducted by accredited Department for Education & Child Development / Department for Families & Communities-trained trainers, using the 2012 manual and approved training process. Approximately 20-25 participants attend each course.

All participants will receive a copy of DECD publications, "Responding to Abuse and Neglect: Education and Care Training 2012-2014", and "Protective practices for staff in their interactions with students: Guidelines for schools, preschools and out of school hours care". The AEU provides morning and afternoon tea and a certificate* as evidence of completing the course.

Please refer to the Teachers Registration Board website for information on initial teacher registration. This information includes the requirement that university undergraduate students must complete one full day course during their education studies.

Training which will allow teachers to meet Teacher Registration Renewal requirements from 2012 onwards. Teachers needing to renew their teacher registration will already have completed a full day course in or since 2009. They are required to complete a 3 hour update before renewing their teacher registration. This 3 hour update is not run by the AEU but in schools/sites and district offices at different times. Members not in a site should attend their district office sessions or a session at the Council for Education Associations of South Australia, at Milner Street, Hindmarsh, South Australia. It is preferable for members to complete the update with their colleagues in their own workplace, as the course covers issues about internal processes and procedures. You do not have to repeat the full day course to renew teacher registration.

DECD employees should refer to the DECD website for more information.

*Lost/misplaced certificates: Participants should make every effort to keep certificates issued at the training. However, in the event of loss or misplacement, the AEU will issue a replacement certificate at a cost of $11.00 (incl. GST) admin. and handling fee. Requests should be made in writing, accompanied by payment of cheque/money order for $11.00 addressed to the AEU, 163 Greenhill Road, Parkside, South Australia, 5063. A receipt will be issued with the certificate.

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