2018 Respect Campaign Launch


Saturday 10 February 2018


10:00am - 3.00pm


Adelaide Town Hall


128 King William St, Adelaide SA 5000

Open to:

AEU Delegates




Delegates will learn about:

  1. The AEU Enterprise Agreement Framework
  2. Each political party’s position on Public Education from the politicians
  3. Case studies of AEU members who have won gains for their sub-branch and successful national campaigns and how we can win respect for public education.


Sub-branch Actions Required 

Every AEU SA Sub-branch Secretary and Site Representative is urged to attend and may do so without any further process. If the Sub-branch Secretary cannot attend, the sub-branch may send the EA Contact Person or nominate another member (see below).  

Sub-branches greater than 20 members may send the two delegates. This should include the Sub-branch Secretary and one other member who must be nominated and endorsed by Sub-branch members. 

1. Call for nominations from your Sub-branch financial members. Encourage all financial members to consider information provided prior to nomination and encourage nominees to consider their ability to share and motivate members with new information on return to Sub -branch. Sub-branches should include contract staff in the nomination and vote if there is a likelihood they will be at the site in Term 1 of 2018. 

2. Run a ballot. The ballot should be conducted in a similar fashion as when nominating and/or endorsing a merit selection panellist. E.g. Keep the nomination period open to allow part time staff access. Share nomination and voting information with members who can’t make it to the meeting. Keep the ballot open an appropriate length of time so all members can vote. 

3. Inform the AEU of the outcome. Elected delegate names should be shared with the AEU via your AEU Organiser or calling the AEU on our new number of 8172 6300. Registration for elected nominees will be via the new AEU website late in Term 4. Elected nominees will be notified by email when formal registration is open. Delegates further than 85 km the Adelaide GPO can apply for travel support. Road travel claim forms can be completed at sign in on February 10th.

Note: 5 delegates from each AEU Standing and Consultative committee will also be invited to participate at this event (including SSOs, TRTs, Leaders and Aboriginal Members etc.) to ensure sector support, plus AEU Executive and AEU TAFE Divisional Council.  


For delegates travelling more than 85km from Adelaide Town Hall

Delegates requiring AIR TRAVEL
must register no later than Friday 27 January 2018

Delegates requiring ACCOMMODATION
must register no later than Tuesday 30 January 2018

All AIRFARE and ACCOMODATION bookings must be made via
Lina Candiotto at the AEU on 8172 6300

All other Delegates must register no later than Thursday 1 February 2018

To register please click here.


Sam Lisle-Menzel, Union Training & Professional Development
Coordinator training@aeusa.asn.au

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