DECD to end HSR training


DECD will end the central provision of Health and Safety Representative training and their contract with SA Unions at the end of June 2012.

From July 2012, HSRs can choose their own approved trainer and the site must arrange and pay for training and seek reimbursement. The OHSW legislation supports choice for HSRs, but for sites that are part of a system with one employer, DECD, this is simply a transfer of the administrative burden and a reduction in overall cost efficiency.

The DECD decision flies in the face of the Industrial Relations Commission's statement that workload at sites is excessive and unsustainable.

The OHSW Act says that the employer, DECD, not the site, must pay all costs, so the policy changes seem a pointless exercise.

SA Unions has provided high quality, relevant DECS HSR Training for the past six years and the AEU strongly recommends that all newly elected and ongoing Health and Safety Representatives apply register for the relevant training with SA Unions before July, and continue to utilise their training when sites begin choosing their own provider.

SA Unions can provide training in some regional centres as well as in the city. They are our preferred provider as they use trainers familiar with DECD culture, issues and processes; many of the other "approved providers" focus on an industries such as construction, transport and health.

If you require training later in the year, let SA Unions know as soon as possible to help them plan and work out whether bulk discounts can be made available.

SA Unions' HSR Conference will be held on April 30 and that can be taken as a training day for continuing HSRs.

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Register for Training

Visit the SA Unions HSR Training page to register for Health and Safety Rep training. Details appear on the right hand side of the page.

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