Step 9 Guidelines and Professional Development Plan

A new Step 9 classification has been implemented as a result of Arbitration between the AEU and DECS.

To be eligible to move to Step 9 a teacher must have completed 207 duty days at Step 8 and lodged a professional development plan with DECS.
Teachers are encouraged to download and read the guidelines. Professional Development Plans can be lodged with DECS on or after the 1 September 2010. The new Step 9 classification commences from the first pay period on or after 1 October 2010.

Follow this link to download the Step 9 Guidelines, PDP pro forma and other relevant documents from the DECS Workforce Development site.


Applications for Step 9 will be assessed only against Attachment 1 to Schedule 3 of the South Australian Education Staff (Government Preschools and Schools) Arbitrated Enterprise Bargaining Award 2010.
The Award does not require any material not specifically identified in the Award to be provided by a teacher in connection with Step 9. However, this does not preclude teachers from choosing to provide additional material to support their application to Step 9.
The above information is intended to assist with the application process but does not impose requirements which must be adhered to in order to apply for and achieve Step 9.