Decision making in schools happens through the Personnel Advisory Committee (PAC).


The Personnel Advisory Committee will advise the principal on human resource matters including the development of the human resource profile.

The AEU rep on the PAC is required to consult with and represent all AEU members at the sub-branch, and the equal opportunity representative is required to consult with and represent all staff at the school.

Elections of the AEU, EO and non-teaching representatives for the PAC are to be held annually for a twelve month term of office. Elections should be held at the beginning of Term 2. These representatives must undertake to participate in or have undertaken PAC training.

The PAC should meet regularly with meeting times and agendas published in advance to enable AEU members and staff to present their concerns to their representatives. Minutes, recommendations and outcomes determined at PAC meetings must also be published and made accessible to all staff eg. a clearly marked folder containing agendas and minutes (excluding confidential issues) be placed in the staff room for access to all staff.

Confidential matters usually only relates to those concerning individuals. Other matters such as vacancy descriptions, class allocations and staffing targets are not confidential and should be shared with all staff. The management of confidentiality should be clarified by the principal at the first meeting of the PAC and should be discussed at a staff meeting each year after the election of the PAC.

A clear reporting and consultation process should be established and published for staff to ensure effective participation of all staff in the consultation process.

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