Invest in Quality, Invest in TAFE

Invest in TAFE [invest in tafe.jpg]

Only TAFE can deliver the quality training and education Australians need.

But for too long TAFEs across the nation have been forced to do more with less.

Research shows funding has been cut and TAFEs are being forced to turn away thousands of students as a result.

On top of this, the Federal Government has opened the VET sector up to contestible funding, giving private RTOs a chance to deliver courses with government funding.

The evidence from Victoria is already showing that TAFE is losing market share. This has to change.

Media Releases

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Join in the campaign today

Send a message to your State and Federal MPs to let them know how important our public VET provider is.

TAFE members, follow this link to send a letter to your State MP.

Be sure to add your name and address to the bottom of the letter so the politicians know you live in their electorate.

Campaign Posters

Follow this link to download posters to display at your worksite.